Patients First

Our care model promises better outcomes, higher patient engagement and satisfaction, and lower costs, but most of all, a better quality of life for patients.

IRC Care Delivery

The Future of Renal Care

Expanded Care Team

Care coordination expanded to primary care physicians, diabetologists and cardiovascular teams

Team of Specialists

Pharmacists, behavioral health professionals, vascular surgeons and health coaches are integral to care

Treatment Options

Move from facility-based dialysis to home-based dialysis and improve access to kidney transplants 

New + Vision

The Need for Disruptive Innovation

The need for disruptive change is recognized in every sector of our $3.5 trillion health care system, and it is especially true for end-stage renal disease. IRC is addressing this imperative through innovation in the way care is delivered to dialysis patients.

The company was founded by a group of academic Nephrologists and successful dialysis business professionals dedicated to translating what science and clinical evidence provides into the best possible personalized care for every patient with kidney failure. The Team at IRC believes the dialysis industry needs to improve its focus on the role of transplantation, home dialysis and care coordination to have a significant impact on improving patient outcomes and decreasing mortality. We believe that the system of care for these complex patients must revolve around these patients and their families rather than doctors or hospitals. When the individual patient becomes the point of focus, a radically improved paradigm emerges.

Our vision at IRC is to partner with healthcare systems to develop care streams for our dialysis patients that treat all their healthcare needs within that one system – which already has all the component pieces except for dialysis. This innovative care model expands the care continuum to encompass the interdisciplinary needs of dialysis patients that are not offered by dialysis providers today, such as primary care, medication management, behavioral health and patient engagement.

Partner with us, the IRC team. We are disruptors and are challenging the incumbents. We intend to force the fundamental restructuring of the dialysis industry and fight for our vision of improved outcomes for the growing dialysis population.

Collaborative + Team

Fully Coordinated Care

Team Approach

Your primary care physicians and specialists are a seamless part of the care team.

Speciality Pharmacists

We will identify a team of pharmacists that are specialists in the unique needs of dialysis patients.

Shared Information

By sharing clinical information among all of the providers who are providing treatment, physicians will have the information they need to prescribe the right therapies.

We translate what science and clinical evidence provides and turn it into the best possible personalized care for every patient with kidney disease
We are at the frontier of generating new evidence to benefit our patients
Commitment + Excellence

New Standard of Care

Behavioral Health

We’ll work with your own behavioral health providers or we will bring our providers to you through Telehealth.

Kidney Transplantation

We’ll work with your transplant team to screen and identify the best candidates for transplantation.

Health Coaches

Central to our model is the creation of a health coaching squad who will be the frontline in encouraging success.

Partner With Us

Share a common vision to provide clinical excellence