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IRC is committed to creating a better care model for people with chronic kidney disease

We have carefully designed our approach to fit the intricate quilt of payers and payer methods. Understanding each of these payment methodologies at a sophisticated level is critical in reducing risk and maximizing return. They include:

  • Payer methodologies and organizational approaches
  • Fee-for-service and value-based purchasing
  • Accountable care organizations
  • ESCO structures
  • Comprehensive ESRD Care models
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Risk-based contracting
  • Other alternative payment methods


shared understandings
Care needs to be better coordinated to provide the best outcomes at the lowest cost.
Patients and their families want help in navigating the entire sweep of clinical care and don’t want to have to fend for themselves.
Narrowing margins and increasing costs that make it imperative to eliminate redundancy and unnecessary care.
In large measure payers, both government and private, recognize that the most efficient and effective practice is to bundle full episodes of care and hold a single entity responsible for the full bundle and at risk for inefficiency and poor outcomes.


benefits to payers
Coordinated care reduces hospitalizations, emergency visits and re-admissions.
Dedicated dialysis pharmacists reduce adverse drug interactions and reduce cost.
Patients are more satisfied with an integrated care model.
Higher labor force participation rates keeps members at work and on-plan.
Earlier detection of kidney disease can delay the need for dialysis or transplantation.
Redefining Success

IRC Reimbursement Expertise

Innovative Renal Care is built around people who have been first-tier players in the 40+ years of dialysis history. Our team understands what is important in delivering superior dialysis care in the most efficient way. We understand payers and especially CMS. Our analysts understand the data, how to interpret it and how to use that data to evaluate payer opportunities and maximize those opportunities.

For many of our partners, this can be unknown territory with unseen hazards and with insufficient reward to compensate for the risk and the cost of building this expertise on their own. That is why they have chosen IRC as their partner in integrating this key modality of life-saving care within their own systems.
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