The power of partnerships

Shared vision + shared values

Our Vision

To translate what science and clinical evidence provides into the best possible personalized care for every patient with kidney failure. And to be at the frontier of generating new evidence to benefit our patients.

Our Values


We challenge the status quo of current delivery models with wisdom, creativity and purpose.


We deliver coordinated care based on today's evidence while discovering tomorrow's.


We create new ways to empower caregivers, improve care and ensure financial stability.


We put the physical and emotional needs of patients and families first - always.

Redefining Renal Care

Our Commitment

Innovative Renal Care gives health systems the opportunity to create a new source of revenue with a strong and predictable return on investment. Developing a healthcare system branded dialysis program requires less time and equity than you might expect. Our joint venture partnership model lets you determine your level of investment and share of returns. Our expanded care team and operations approach will be tailored to complement your clinical programs. We will work with your EHR team to create adaptable clinical information sharing and referral management.

Let us show you how a partnership with IRC generates income, creates downstream benefits, and improves patient outcomes.


reasons to partner with us
By maintaining control of the coordination of care, you are able to provide the best possible evidence based, personalized care for every patient with kidney disease, improving patient outcomes and quality of life.
Your patients have a seamless and timely experience when discharged from your hospital to your own facility. You avoid bed assignment delays and loss of revenue.
Referrals for subsequent specialty and primary care come back to your health system.
Build revenues by reducing leakage of high reimbursement patients, by gaining a share of revenue from dialysis services for your patients and through comprehensive cost savings.
Our leadership team has a proven track record of operational excellence, scientific discovery, financial success all while delivering exceptional patient outcomes and satisfaction.
Reduce mortality
to less than
Increase in-home dialysis
to more than
Experienced Leadership

Team with a proven track record

Partner With Us

Share a common vision to provide clinical excellence