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Improved coordination
Operational excellence
Better care

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Lower costs
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Innovation + Passion

Forging a Better Way

Our leadership team brings enormous experience clinically, operationally and as healthcare innovators. Our founders’ credentials in the science and study of chronic kidney disease are equally impressive. The team is built around a complement of players who were instrumental in the growth and success of Renal Care Group. When sold to Fresenius, RCG was the third leading provider of dialysis services in the US and the national leader in clinical quality, growth and margin.

IRC’s Founders believe there is a clinical imperative to address the unmet needs of this complex patient population. These include:

  • Early detection of chronic kidney disease needs to be improved, so the progression of kidney disease can be retarded or prevented
  • Too few patients receive a kidney transplant
  • More patients should be receiving dialysis in their homes
  • Mortality is unacceptably high
  • Patients’ quality of life can, and should be, much better
Collaborative + Quality

Expanded Care Team

Primary care providers for every patient
Providers of cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes care, behavioral health care, and pharmacists who specialize in dialysis patients, working as a coordinated team
Health coaches to support patient and family engagement
Care coordinators to make sure patients are receiving the services they want and need
Staff assisted dialysis for home dialysis patients who require help dialyzing at home
Reduce mortality
to less than
Increase in-home dialysis
to more than
Commitment + Excellence

Improved Patient Experience

A higher quality of life
More patients receiving treatment in the comfort of their own home, on a schedule that enables them to live more normally than the majority of patients today who spend up to 15 hours each week in a dialysis center
24-hour access to pharmacists who specialize in caring for the unique needs of dialysis patients
Telemedicine access to behavioral healthcare providers

Our Values


We challenge the status quo of current delivery models with wisdom, creativity and purpose.


We create new ways to empower caregivers, improve care and ensure financial stability.


We deliver coordinated care based on today's evidence while discovering tomorrow's.


We put the physical and emotional needs of patients and families first - always.

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